Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I've been in Nepal for nearly a week now. It's been a slow week of reacquainting myself with the noise, the smell, the manic traffic, the planned and sometimes erratic power outages, the poverty and heaps of garbage around the city, as well as the friendly open nature of Nepali people. Kathmandu feels very....familiar. I remember now why I don't like Kathmandu and can't wait to get out of here! Maybe today... Maybe tomorrow. I guess it depends on how long it takes to take care of business...

The most exciting thing I have to report is how I voted: On the street of Kathmandu with a gaggle of Nepali men grinning over my shoulder as I filled in the Obama/Biden circle. Today I'll deliver that ballot to the US embassy.

I've started learning Nepali (I actually had my first lesson yesterday), and I'm beginning to lay the ground work for what might come next on my adventure here. Earlier in the week, I met with some of my Nepali friends that I met while working with the Migrant's Trade Union-Korea, who suggested that I might volunteer for GEFONT- a Nepali trade union- here in Kathmandu. I've contacted WWOOF and am preparing for some farm work in the Pokhara Valley. And I've signed up for a 10 day course in Vipassana- silent meditation that will start on November 4. (Frankly, the thought of that scares the shit out of me, but I'm going to try it anyway.)

I've been taking pictures, as yet have no way to post them. I'll figure that out later.


Rev Dr Mom said...

Glad you got to vote...should be in plenty of time to be counted.

I hope you figure out a way to post pictures...Flicker?

Miss you!

susan said...

I've been wondering how your travels are going--hope you find the sort of adventures and work you are seeking. That's a very cool voting story.

louese said...

good to hear from you, please keep posting what your up to for those who can't travel so far... :)


Mom to Baby J said...

You can bet my voting story will be more like I was surrounded by senior least the old women at the polling place are nice. :) Miss you! Keep posting, please.