Friday, February 8, 2008

So Sick

Really, I feel like air from a factory stack was pumped into my lungs and then I was hit by a train. I'm sweating and I'm freezing. I can barely get out of my bed to use the bathroom. I think my throat was actually bleeding this morning from all of my coughing (but I didn't examine it, it just tasted like blood in my mouth). And there is no food and not much drinkable water in my house... WAAHH! I'm so thirsty!

It used to be if I got sick in Korea that there were people to take care of me. In Suwon a group of gals complete with its own motherly hen would look after any mangled party, and after Suwon, there was Masum. He would call me like a 100 times a day, bring me Indian food, give me massages and make sure I wasn't alone for too long. And now I just feel sick and lonely and a little helpless. I'm not sure that anyone would notice if I didn't emerge from my apartment for the next three days. Or the next three months for that matter. Well, I guess my school would be concerned if I didn't show up for work. It just feels so lonely. And so sick. WAAAHHHHHHHH! I want Masum! WAH! I want to go home! WAH! I want someone to bring me some food and water! WAH! This sucks.


Rev Dr Mom said...

I hope someone gets you some food and water! And I hope you feel better. Wish I was there!

BerryBird said...

Oh, that sounds dreadful! I hope you feel better soon.

Not so little sister said...

Sister! Get better. Soon when you're home, you'll have people to take care of you. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

I just saw in your other post that you said you're coming to Nepal!! I'm in Nepal, I'll be here a couple more months-- I can't find your email address but I think you have mine, please send me an email!
eric from seoul